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ATS Launches New Referral Program

We recently realized that a large portion of our clients have come to us via referrals from clients and colleagues. That’s why we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate your referrals! At ATS, we’ve decided to launch a new referral program to let our clients and colleagues know just how much we appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to give us what we consider to be the ultimate compliment: a referral.

Now, you can earn rewards for recommending Accessible Translation Solutions to your colleagues. Join the ATS Referral Program and you’ll receive a FREE one-hour consultation on how to further your business in foreign and/or domestic markets. That’s a $500 value free for you!

Contact Madalena at madalena@accessibletranslations.com for more information.

ATS provides you with words that take you places.

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Preparing your Project for Translation: A Checklist

Ensuring your project or document is translated correctly is of great importance to us at ATS, and we are always happy to work with you to ensure that the end result is the best fit for your brand and company. Since we know how valuable your time is, we have created a checklist to help speed the process along for you. The more we know about your project from the beginning, the faster and easier it will be to assemble the correct team of translators and editors to make your project a success!


  • Which languages are we working with? Determine the source language (the language the document is in before translation), as well as which language(s) you will be translating the document into (the target language(s)).
  • Who is the target audience? If the readers will be from a certain area or region, let us know. There are often different dialects of the same language, so knowing who will be reading the text is helpful if it’s intended for a specific audience!
  • What type of document are you translating? It’s important to know what type of translation we will be handling for you. We will have different teams handle legal documents as opposed to marketing materials or medical release forms, for example. A brief description of the type of document or file is helpful to ensure we get the right team on board for your project.
  • What file formats do you prefer to work in?g. PDF, Word, .mp3, In Design, etc. If you have a copy of the source text ready and available when you request the quote, that’s even better! Please let us know what format(s) you would like to receive back from us once the translated file is ready.
  • What is your deadline for the translation? If you are on a tight deadline, be sure to mention this. We’ll gladly begin working with our team of translators and editors to see what their availability is and also determine if any rush fees would be applicable.
  • Will you need Desktop Publishing (DTP) or special formatting, or will this be done in-house? ATS is glad to offer assistance with DTP and formatting if required. If you’re unsure if you’ll need to be quoted for this step, just ask. We’re happy to take a look!

No matter where you are in the process, know that we are always glad to assist you along the way. If you have any specific questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also request a quote directly from our website or email us at freequote@accessibletranslations.com if you prefer.

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Cheap Translation Services: Do You Really Get What You Pay For?

If you’ve ever been in need of translation services, or are currently looking into them for your company, chances are good that you’ve likely shopped around for what you consider to be the best deal while looking into the different options. You’ve spent a lot of money and time ensuring that your current brochure, form, website, etc. is perfectly crafted for your company and your customers. If you are looking to have the same translated for another audience, it only makes sense that you would like the best for them as well. If this is still fairly new for you, it can be a bit overwhelming and we understand wanting to find the best price for your company. However, that best price may not always come with the best quality translation, so if a pricing option seems too good to be true, it may be important to remember that you often really do get what you pay for.


If you do decide to use cheap, often unaccredited translation services, or even accept the help of a bilingual friend who may not be truly qualified to translate your text, you will end up with an initially cheaper service. However, you might compare it to the quality/cost comparison of just about anything currently on the market. Just as a $5.00 shovel may work well for a single yard project, chances are good it won’t last the entire season, and you will end up needing to replace the shovel again anyway. If you continue to purchase the $5.00 shovel, you will likely spend more money and time replacing it than you would if you had just purchased the $30.00 shovel to begin with.

Translation is similar. If you print a subpar translation on your brochures, your customers will notice. There will be errors, and although they won’t always be critical errors, if your customers can tell that it’s a translation at all, it impacts your reputation with them. The mark of a good translation is one you do not even realize has been translated. It should read smoothly and naturally so that the reader believes it was written with him in mind in the first place.

Professional linguists do not and should not have the cheapest rates around, so if you are quoted an extremely low price compared to others, it’s likely that the linguists used are not the most qualified, or perhaps, the agency uses shortcuts to keep the price so low (using machine translation to begin with, and only using a human proofreader to review that text, for example). A reputable translation agency will have strict measures in place to ensure the quality of your product. A translation should always be handled by at least two separate qualified linguists to both translate and proofread/edit the text, and then undergo the agency’s own quality assurance measures to avoid any issues from the onset.

If you are truly interested in saving money, have the translation handled correctly the first time to avoid costly mistakes down the road. ATS is proud to say that we do not take shortcuts with your projects and always use professional translators and proofreaders who are qualified to handle the content of your project. If you would like more information on a current project you have, or would like to request a free quote, we would love to hear from you!

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Gearing Up for the New Year: Do Your Translations Need Updates?

With a flip of the calendar, it’s time to begin gearing up for a brand new year. For many businesses, this also means the beginning of a new quarter, with new quarterly plans and goals to achieve. New business initiatives are in the works and marketing campaigns are planned for the coming months. If these changes could potentially impact any previously translated materials, or materials you’d like to have translated in the future, now is a good time to revisit your strategy to reach all intended audiences.


Something to keep in mind is that you may not have to retranslate everything if you’re just making updates. If you are simply updating a few paragraphs of an employee handbook, for example, you can supply your trusted translation vendor with the previous translation and the updates without having to worry about redoing the whole translation. It is important that your non-English speaking audience understands all updates to the policy in this case, as well, so the sooner these are translated and updated, the better.

It’s also not too early to begin thinking of the rest of your 2015 marketing strategies. If you decide to reach a broader audience than just those who speak English, it would be good to look into translating and localizing your marketing materials now. Many people try to make personal changes for themselves with the new year, and this time could easily be the best moment to develop new marketing strategies for your business. Having your marketing materials translated and localized is the best way to ensure you reach the broadest audience in 2015.

If your company is interested in updating any previously translated materials or new initiatives, we want to help make 2015 the best year for you. Please reach out with any questions you may have about the process. We will be glad to help!

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