ATS Client Feature: VoicePad


It’s time for a brand new ATS Client Feature in our monthly series! In case you’re new to our Client Features, each month we share one of our favorite translation and interpreting clients. This month we’re pleased to feature a client who has been with us since we opened our doors, VoicePad. If you’re a real estate agent and could use their services for your business, please reach out to them!

VoicePad delivers comprehensive Brokerage, Team and Agent property marketing solutions all in one easy to use platform. Their platform provides solutions for the most successful real estate brokerages and teams in the U.S., which is why VoicePad hires us to translate their automated voice prompts into Spanish for real estate agents and buyers in the process of purchasing a home!

Huge thanks toVoicePad for being our ATS featured client this month! Stay tuned to learn about our other translation and interpreting clients. If you would like us to feature you in this series, please contact us and let us know.

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