Connecting Authentically with Your Multilingual Audience through Automated Marketing

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Marketing automation tools help businesses save time, money, and reach people quickly and easily.

These tools can be extremely effective, as long as the automation does not come at the expense of the relationships you’ve built with current and potential customers.

Your customers don’t like to feel like they’re just a number. And your multilingual audience is no exception.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you are connecting authentically with your multilingual audience when using marketing automation tools.

Send personalized content whenever possible

Use your automated tools to your advantage on an individual level!

If you have customers’ birthdays on file, for example, send them a personalized message (email, direct mail, or both!) wishing them a happy birthday.

You can also do this for subscriber or loyalty member anniversaries if your business offers this. Remind customers of loyalty or rewards points they have available that may be expiring soon.

You can offer a special, limited-time discount to entice customers to reconnect with you for any occasion, but even a simple message lets your customers know you are thinking of them.

Your customers will appreciate that you took the time to reach out, bonus discount or not, and your contact will help your customers remember your business when it comes time to make a purchase.

Send targeted ads based on where you are in the business-consumer relationship

Your relationship with your customers (both potential and existing) varies from person to person.

While you don’t have to send out individualized ads for each person every time you begin a marketing campaign in order to continue building that relationship, you will at least want to make sure your message is tailored to the relationship you’ve already built with them.

To start, think of customer groups as cold, warm, and hot markets.

Your cold market has likely never heard of your brand (yet!), your warm market is showing interest in your brand, and your hot market has already purchased something from you.

Just as you speak differently to friends you’ve known for 20 years as opposed to someone you’ve just met at an event, the content you deliver to someone who has made multiple purchases will be quite different than how you market to those who are unfamiliar with your brand.

It is essential to build real relationships with your automated campaigns.

Reaching new customers with ads meant for long-term loyal customers will feel inauthentic, and your consumers will feel like the ad wasn’t really meant for them.

Tailoring your ads to meet the specific needs of each customer is a great way to connect with them authentically and increase brand-customer engagement.

Localize your marketing content with your multilingual consumers in mind

When reaching multilingual customers, it’s vital that you don’t just recycle your English content.

The personalized content you create won’t be effective if your consumers don’t understand or engage with it!

Content should not only be translated into the appropriate language for your audience, but should be completely localized for the target audience.

The design, layout, colors, fonts, and photos should reflect the ideals and desires of your target audience; these won’t always be the same as what your English-speaking audience connects with.

An ad that is simply translated into the target language won’t have nearly the same impact as one that has been localized and feels like it has been written specifically with that audience in mind.

They can tell when it’s just a translation, and are less likely to connect with the ad!

Common Sense Advisory reported that over half of all consumers simply will not make a purchase on a website if information is not readily available in their native language.

If you have non-English-speaking customers who have shown interest in your products or services, being able to engage them in their own languages can have a huge impact on your ROI.

In fact, studies show that for every $1 you invest in localization, your ROI will be roughly $25!

Offer support in the languages your customers speak

Nothing can be more disheartening for a consumer than having questions about a product or service and being unable to get the information they need.

If you include a phone number or email address in your marketing materials, have sufficient support available in those mediums in the language(s) your customers speak.

If a customer clicks a link in one of your online ads, the page where it directs them should also be translated and localized. In other words, your sales funnels should be cohesive and seamless.

Investing in localized content for your multilingual audience helps ensure there are no interruptions between the marketing campaign and the purchase your customer intends to make.

When used correctly, marketing automation tools can be a great way to connect with your multilingual audience, whether these customers be new or returning.

All customers want to feel appreciated, and using these tools to engage with them authentically is a great way to help keep communications streamlined while setting you apart from your competitors.

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