How to Grow Your Real Estate Business in Local Markets Among Speakers of Other Languages


Although the Internet is a great way to grow your client base with speakers of other languages, it is still important to engage with those in your community on a local level outside of the online world. Here are 5 ways to grow your real estate business with those who speak other languages, right within your local community.

1. Partner with local businesses in areas where your target demographic frequent. You can leave your business card (have a professional translate your card to be even more effective!) for customers of these establishments to pick up. You can also offer a special deal or bonus to customers who get your information from these local businesses in exchange for cross promotion on your end, when possible. You’ll get the free advertising and the local business you partner with will be able to offer a perk to their customers from you as well!

2. Try to engage the press! Contact your local paper or radio station if you believe you have a newsworthy story that’s relevant to your target community. It should be a publication or station that your local community reads or listens to often, preferably in your target demographic’s primary language!

3. Purchase advertising space in publications your target community reads or listens to. Ads should be translated and localized for your non-English speaking audience. Determine which publications would help you reach your new non-English speaking audience and then advertise in those newspapers, magazines or even on the radio.

4. Set up billboards or “for sale” signs in your target communities. These signs should also be translated and localized. Make sure they are strategically placed in a high traffic area for potential non-English-speaking customers. For a well-placed billboard, the cost can be similar to that of a newspaper ad, but lasts much longer!

5. Don’t neglect referrals! Word of mouth is hugely important. Most people trust the recommendation of friends and family. If you go the extra mile for your customers, they’re more likely to recommend you to others in the community. A few glowing recommendations go a long way, making you the go-to real estate agent in that community, so don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers to write a positive review and send referrals your way!

Name and facial recognition go a long way when someone is thinking of which real estate agent to work with. If someone recognizes your name from recommendations, advertisements, or even local events, they will be more likely to choose you when they are looking to sell or purchase a home. If you increase your focus and footprint in areas where your non-English speaking clients reside, you’ll be sure to grow your real estate business in these areas as well.

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