Translation and Localization

When you need content in other languages, you need experts who specialize in your industry so you can get it right, the first time.

Global communications are here to stay, but they can be stressful when you don’t speak the same language as your clients, partners, or customers. It might even feel impossible when you work in an area that requires specialized terminology.

That’s where we come in.

Accessible Translation Solutions (ATS) is your partner for all things translation and localization. When you call on us, you can rest assured we have your best interests in mind and we’ll place the right teams on your projects. Our expert translators, editors, proofreaders, and localizers are here to ensure your communications are never lost in translation. We vet each professional carefully so you don’t have to. And our quality assurance process means you can have peace of mind that your message will reach your audience just as you intended it.


What We Do

ATS’ translators, editors, proofreaders, and localizers specialize in specific fields and always work into their native languages. Our professional teams are here to assist you by:

Translating your digital or print content with expert knowledge of your industry or field

Localizing your content to fit the right target audience based on language, culture, region, and demographic

Performing quality assurance checks at each stage of the translation and localization process

“Accessible Translation Solutions has been great to work with on our foreign language projects. Madalena and her team are professional and effcient, as they were flexible with our needs and the deadlines we set. They utilize highly trained and educated linguists and the work we have received is a reflection of that.”

– The Ohio State University

What You Can Expect

When you’re ready to tackle your next translation project, we will:

· Ask you a series of questions to learn more about the purpose and goals for your translated and localized content

· Work within your timeline and budget

· Deliver your project on time, or better… early!


Need design services, too? We’ve got you covered with a desktop publishing and design team that is ready to take your content to the next level.

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