Which file format should you use when requesting translation?

Translation Services

When looking into having a document translated for your company, it is important to let your translation vendor know which file format you and your team prefer to use. Although certain formats are easier for translation agencies to use when preparing your quote or performing the translation, the agency should be well equipped to translate from and into the file format of your choice. However, to save both you and the vendor time and money, delivering your source document in certain file formats could make things simpler for both sides.

For your file to be translatable without additional steps, it is best for the agency to have an editable format available when possible, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or InDesign documents. This will help allow the agency to render a more accurate translation quote, and the translator, editor and proofreader will be able to work from the source document easily.

If your team provides the agency with a non-editable document, such as a PDF or a scanned photo (JPEG, for example), the agency may have to use conversion software to ensure proper formatting in order to be able to translate it for you. While agencies are certainly equipped to do this for you, it may come at an additional cost for the time involved. Sending the document in an editable format from the onset of the project is often the best choice. When in doubt, however, please check with the project manager associated with your translation. He or she is there to help with any question you may have, every step of the way.

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